Topic Progress:

[az_accordion_section] [accordion title=”Step 1″ id=”acc-1″]ICU trainee or foundation trainee (minimum PGY3)[/accordion] [accordion title=”Step 2″ id=”acc-2″]Successful completion of this e-learning package and post-course quiz[/accordion] [accordion title=”Step 3″ id=”acc-3″]At least 3 observed transports with an advanced trainee of transitional nurse practitioner (TNP)[/accordion] [accordion title=”Step 4″ id=”acc-4″] Supervised summative transport assessments

  •  At least 3 supervised transports with feedback based on assessment preformat.
  • Supervision provided by any: Senior trainee Specialist Nurse practitioner[/accordion] [accordion title=”Step 5″ id=”acc-5″]Formative Assessment
  •  1 transport competency assessment by specialist or TNP[/accordion] [/az_accordion_section]

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