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You might recall Jake’s story from the TBI module:


Jake is a 24y.o builder who suffered a severe TBI as a result of a one hit punch.   He received a trache in ICU but was discharged to the wards 2 months ago and then to neuro rehab just last week.   He has now been sent into ED with seizures.  In ED, he has 2 generalised tonic-clonic seizures in a 30 minute period,  the first terminated with 5 mg of midazolam IV, the second requiring a second 5mg IV midazolam and he was GCS 13 between seizures.   He is now GCS 9 (E2 V2 M5) post midazolam and agitated. 


Jake has no other medical history.  He was discharged to rehab on 500mg levetiracetam twice daily and had only 1 seizure on day 8 of ICU admission.  

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