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Most commonly used are

  • Pressure Support
  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
  • PCV + Assist (see Pressure Controlled Modes)

[az_accordion_section] [accordion title=”Pressure Support” id=”acc-1″]• Ventilator settings required

o FiO2


o PS

o Slope

While you were trying SIMV, you noticed your patient’s paralysis has worn off and that he was triggering some breaths, so you decided to see what he would do on PS. Hover over your screen to understand it better!


[az_toggle_section] [toggle title=”Why won’t you leave him on PS?” id=”tgl-1″] Helped by the alarm settings flashing in front of you, you notice that your patient is breathing way too fast…he’s probably not comfortable and still really dyspneic from he’s underlying lung pathology. Better sedate him more and give him some rest while you start the appropriate treatment! In the end, you decide to put him back on VC-AC for now. [/toggle] [/az_toggle_section]


[/accordion] [accordion title=”CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)” id=”acc-2″] Same as PS [/accordion] [accordion title=”PCV + Assist” id=”acc-3″]see Pressure Controlled Modes[/accordion] [/az_accordion_section]

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