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Expiration occurs passively because of the elastic recoil of the lung.

The only feature controlled in expiration is the baseline pressure or positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP).

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Paw mbar 20 10 10

I:E is the ratio of the set inspiratory time (Ti) to the expiratory time (TE).

[az_toggle_section] [toggle title=”What is a normal I:E ratio?” id=”tgl-1″] between 1:2 and 1:3 and mimics a natural breathing pattern

o Not truly a controlled feature of expiration since it is the Ti that is set

           § Ti is set on the ventilator in seconds

           § The rest of the breath is therefore expiration

           § Example 10 breaths per minute gives 6 seconds per breath

                          § Ti set at 1.5s

                          § Expiratory time is 4.5s

                          § I : E = 1 : 3

o This can be altered for specific conditions for example

            § Longer Ti is used in hypoxia

            § Longer TE is used in obstructive lung disease to prevent gas trapping [/toggle] [/az_toggle_section]

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