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[az_accordion_section] [accordion title=”Circuit compliance” id=”acc-1″] Corresponds to the amount of gas contained within the circuit. Can influence the accuracy of volume measurements made by the. ventilator as the amount of gas contained within the circuit is not delivered to the patient [/accordion] [accordion title=”Circuit Resistance” id=”acc-2″] Each of the following components of the circuit can increase the resistance within the circuit. Which one contributes the most and why is it important to know?

○ Filters

○ HMEs


○ Valves [/accordion] [accordion title=”Automatic Tube Compensation (ATC)” id=”acc-3″] Applies additional pressure to assist patient’s inspiratory effort and compensate for the higher resistance and increased work of breathing associated with the ETT. As narrower tubes have a higher resistance, the internal diameter of the ETT needs to be programmed into the ventilator. [/accordion] [/az_accordion_section]

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