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Airway Pressure Low


  • Usually set at 10 cmH2O


  • Causes (hover over to see the necessary Tx vs mix&match)
    • Disconnection/leak in the ventilator circuit
    • ETT cuff leak
    • Low pressure limit inappropriately set higher than the monitored peak inspiratory pressure
  • Management
    • Check circuit connection sites
    • Check ETT position on CXR to ensure correctly placed
    • Check cuff inflation pressure
    • Adjust low airway pressure alarm if necessary


Airway Pressure High


  • Usually set at 35 cmH2O


  • Causes  (hover over to see the necessary Tx vs mix&match)
    • High airway resistance or poor lung compliance
    • Circuit kinked
    • Patient dyssynchrony or coughing
    • Set TV is inappropriately high resulting in high pressures
  • Management
    • Check circuit and ETT patent
    • Adjust ventilation settings if necessary or consider increasing sedation

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