The RNSH Intensive Care Research Department’s primary goal is to support the design and conduct of high quality clinical research that focuses on improving patient centred outcomes.


ICU Research at RNSH is led by a dedicated, expert team:

Research Director: A/Prof Anthony Delaney
Research Managers: Frances Bass and A/Prof Naomi Hammond
Research Coordinators: Elizabeth Yarad and Anne O’Connor
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Associate Professor Anthony Delaney is a clinician-researcher with current appointments as Professorial Fellow at The George Institute for Global Health, Associate Professor at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney and adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Centre. Anthony was the deputy chair of the ARISE investigators that investigated goal directed therapy in sepsis and was published in the NEJM in 2014 and collaborated on the subsequent individual patient data meta-analysis, also published in the NEJM in 2017.  In addition A/Prof Delaney has also published in JAMA multiple times and all high impact intensive care journals. Amongst many other projects, he is currently on the management committee of ARISE FLUIDS and is the lead investigator in Australia for the SAHaRA study looking at haemoglobin thresholds in subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Professor Simon Finfer AO was also instrumental in establishing the ICU Research culture at RNSH and remains an active contributor to the research department. Professor Finfer led a number of practice changing Intensive Care Trials including the SAFE study, NICE-SUGAR, the CHEST study and the ADRENAL trial. He was a founding member and chair of ANZICS CTG.

The research involvement of the department includes a combination of investigator initiated, collaborative group, and industry-sponsored studies. We have strong collaborative ties to a number of leading Australian and international research institutions, with current projects involving The George Institute for Global Health (UNSW), ANZCIS Research Centre (Monash University), Brain and Mind Centre (USyd), Macquaire University, and the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group.

In addition, the department supports a number of large prospective databases assessing long term outcomes (out to 24 months) for our patients including:

  1. Neuroscience Outcomes fromIntensive CarE (NOICE) Registry
  2. Burns Outcomes from Intensive CarE(BOICE) registry
  3. SPinal injury Outcomes from Intensive CareE – The SPOICE registry, looking at patients who have incurred an acute spinal cord injury and their long-term outcomes

The RNSH Research group has a strong history of supporting staff through higher degree research programs; several staff have been awarded research degrees by thesis as an extension of registrar research projects, and we are currently supporting seven local candidates through their PhD studies.

The department includes a number of early and mid-career researchers from a range of professional backgrounds including Emily Fitzgerald, Dr Roz Elliot, Dr Lachlan Donaldson, Dr Chris Andersen and Dr Tessa Garside.

We support an ongoing research education program at RNSH with regular registrar teaching on evidence based medicine, a monthly journal club, regular contributions to research focussed FOAM, and the BASIC Clinical Research course.

This dedicated research group provides an excellent support structure for trainees completing their College Projects. Regardless of clinical role or stage of training, we are happy support and encourage all staff to participate in research, whether it is from participant recruitment to conducting your own trial or project.

Staff can see a list of current and recently completed projects here (password protected).

If you’re thinking of a new project (whether it be a small QI project or something larger), the following research areas and their contact points might be a good place to start:

  1. Neurosciences outcomes (Stroke, Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and TBI): Chris Andersen, Anthony Delaney, Emily Fitzgerald or Naomi Hammond
  2. Acute Kidney Injury: Lachlan Donaldson, Naomi Hammond
  3. ICU Follow-up and long-term outcomes: Lachlan Donaldson, Tessa Garside,Wade Stedman, or Naomi Hammond
  4. Systematic review and/or meta-analysis: Lachlan Donaldson,Anthony Delaney, or Naomi Hammond
  5. Rapid Response Systems and ICU Outreach: Chris Andersen
  6. Burns management and outcomes: Tessa Garside or Lachlan Donaldson
  7. Spinal Injuries and their outcomes: Oli Flower or Tessa Garside
  8. Translational immunology in sepsis and severe acute pancreatitis: Chris Andersen
  9. Sepsis: Chris Andersen, Lachlan Donaldson, Naomi Hammond, or Anthony Delaney
  10. Fluid resuscitation: Naomi Hammond
  11. Nursing research: Naomi Hammond, Emily Fitzgerald, or Frances Bass
  12. Cross-sectional studies or survey research: Naomi Hammond
  13. Temperature Management/Thermoregulation: Naomi Hammond or Frances Bass

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