We routinely follow-up with our sickest patients and their carers after they have left the hospital.

This is a new service designed to improve the support we offer our patients following admission to the ICU with critical illness.

This clinic has been developed in response to increasing recognition that ICU survivors and their families members frequently report physical, cognitive and psychological health problems that may last for months (or even years) after discharge from the intensive care unit.

This constellation of impairments has been termed ‘Post Intensive Care Syndrome’ (PICS). In family members, the term is PICS – Family (PICS-F).

This service is led by some of our ICU physicians, but also involves input from social work, physiotherapy and nursing where required.

Detailed tests of cognition, psychological health and quality of life are taken prior to review at the clinic, and these results are reviewed with both patients and their care-givers, if they have elected to attend. If there are ongoing problems or any further needs are identified, we feed this back to GP’s in order to help bridge the gap between acute inpatient care and ongoing recovery in the community.

For more information and resources for patients, families and caregivers who are on, or have experienced an ICU journey, please visit the website Mylifeaftericu.com

This website is designed for patients who have survived an Intensive Care admission, their families and caregivers, as it  supports consumers as they navigate the challenges of recovery from critical illness.

To get in touch with the ICU follow-up clinic email: NSLHD-ICUFollowUpClinic@health.nsw.gov.au

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